Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pampas Grass Clamshell Template

The Pampas Grass Clamshell Template is the basic clamshell with 2 stalks of pampas grass. It is a classic Sachiko design. Each Clamshell is 5 inches across and 2.5 inches high. The template is 35" x 12".

This size can be sent to Australia by regular Air Parcel Post.

UPS to USA and Canada

Pampas Clam can be used on all longarm and midarm machines. You can be do it, with, or without pampas grass.

Queen--------2- sections----------70 inches
King --------3- sections----------105 inches
King +1/2----3- 1/2 sections----122 inches

1 Section of Giant Template

Close-ups of Pattern

Quilt by Carol Lyon

Back of Quilt

Quilt by Kay

Qn----2- sects------70 inches

Kg --3- sects-----105 inches Reg.
Kg + - 3+1/2- sects-122 inches

Shipping Extra

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